About Troy Giles Realty


Why Choose Troy Giles Realty and Management?





Troy Giles has over 30 years experience in South Padre Island area real estate sales and real estate development.  He has been at the forefront of innovative development of the island and played a vital role in the early growth of South Padre Island including the original Town Charter in 1974.  Troy Giles Realty and Management is highly respected and successful because Troy Giles and his team are the experts in all facets of area real estate.


The Team


Troy Giles Realty and Management’s professional team of full time licensed real estate agents and support staff are committed to the highest standards of excellence and service to all customers. Our Sales agents participate in weekly sales meetings where information is shared, ideas exchanged and strategies are fine tuned.  We tour prospective and new listings as a group weekly to learn the details of each property and become experts.  Troy Giles Realty and Management’s professional support staff is superior.  Our administrative assistant has twenty-five years experience in real estate, and our graphics/marketing assistant excels at using the latest technology – both are licensed real estate agents.  Troy Giles Realty and Management’s dedicated real estate professionals working together make a powerful sales force.




Troy Giles Realty and Management spare no expense in marketing your property.  We advertise extensively in area  newpapers and the Real Estate Source.  Our professionally developed website is maintained by our in-house graphics and web specialist therefore it is always up-to-date.  Each property listed with Troy Giles Realty and Management is featured on the website and includes all pertinent property information complete with a map, aerial photo and slide show of interior and exterior photos, and Virtual tours.  Color flyers and brochures are individually designed and detailed for each property and distributed to prospective buyers and other agents.  Flyers are designed to “answer buyer’s questions before they ask” and showcase several photos of the property as well as a map pinpointing the location.  We have been extremely successful in a marketing strategy we call “Cooperative Brokerage”.  Troy Giles Realty and Management is a member of the property listing service, and we are diligent about ensuring all information is detailed and accurate.


Customer Service


Troy Giles Realty is committed to the highest standards of professional service.  No customer is ever left “alone”.  Listings are monitored on a regular basis, and feedback from showings is collected and communicated to the seller.  The Market Analysis on each property is constantly updated and information shared with the seller.  A detailed time-line of important dates is developed for each transaction to ensure timely completion of all steps of the sale through closing and beyond.  Troy Giles Realty and Management is full-time, full service.  We work closely with the people instrumental to the successful culmination of a sale such as sales agents, lenders, appraisers, escrow agents, surveyors, inspectors, etc.  We autograph our work with excellence.





Comparative Market Analysis



The Market Analysis


The correct selling price of a property is the highest price the market will bear.  To assist you in determining an appropriate listing price, we will provide you with a comprehensive market analysis of comparable properties currently on the market as well as statistic on comparable properties that have recently sold.


What is a Comparable?


Factors such as size, location, condition, age, terms and amenities are taken into consideration to determine a true comparable to your property.  First, the Troy Giles Realty and Management Team tours the subject property to assess and share feedback on these important factors.  The listing agent researches properties that can be considered similar to your, statistics are analyzed and specific information is broken down into categories.


Currently Listed


By studying comparable properties currently listed for sale, we can see exactly what alternatives a serious buyer has to choose from, assess the competition and determine your best “placement in the field”.


Recently Sold


By taking a close look at properties recently sold, we can see the sales price property owners have actually received over the last few months.  “Solds” in the previous six months are most reliable.  These statistics are used to evaluate what kind of offers you might expect to receive and help us negotiate an agreed upon sales price.   


List Price


Naturally, we want you to receive top market value for your property.  It is a “win win” situation.  However, there is a point where a listing price may be too high or too low.  By evaluating the data, Troy Giles Realty and Management will provide the information needed to make an educated decision on the correct listing price and thus, realize maximum dollars for your property in a reasonable amount of time.








Detailed Marketing Plan


To insure your property is marketed to its fullest potential and in order to obtain the highest possible market value, the following will be completed:


  • Prepare a Comparative Market Analysis to establish fair market value
  • Prepare and sign Listing Agreement
  • Enter information into the Property Listing Services and Realtor. Com
  • Post property on the Troy Giles Realty and Management Website
  • Arrange for Virtual Tour to be shot and posted on website
  • Write advertisements and place in Newspapers and Real Estate Source
  • Design and print Color Flyers
  • Place Lock Box on the property if appropriate
  • Broadcast New Listing information to cooperating brokerages
  • Schedule property for In-House Tour
  • Schedule property for All-Agents Tour
  • Contact all Potential Buyers with details of new listing
  • Hold Open Houses
  • Arrange Showings
  • Review marketing Activities and feedback with owner
  • Present and Discuss all Offers with owner
  • Negotiate the Transaction with other agents
  • Finalize the Sales Contract
  • Confirm all Contingencies are completed in a timely manner
  • Finalize the Closing
  • Arrange for Other Services such as property management, movers, etc.
  • Post-sale Follow Up.